Julien A. Chambers

WordPress Developer


If you’ve followed along in this series you’ll have a pretty good understanding of WordPress and how it works. Congratulations, you’re ready to start building your own WordPress site. Well, almost. We still have one area to cover… Working with media in WordPress. The Media Library WordPress makes it easy to sort and manage all {More…}

WordPress Logo on Blue Background

Creating new pages in WordPress is as simple as going to the “Pages” menu in the Dashboard and clicking “Add New”, but what do you do if you need something more customized than the standard template allows? Fortunately WordPress makes it relatively simple for developers to create a custom WordPress template to change the default {More…}

Digital Dreams

Positioning an object on a web page is simple to do in CSS, but doing it responsively is trickier. Given the number of devices and potential viewport sizes a user could be using it’s nearly impossible to anticipate how your design will look in all possible scenarios. Basically you just have to try to account for the {More…}

One of the wonderful things about WordPress is its extensibility and customization options. You can customize nearly every facet of WordPress to suit your needs. Customization is particularly simple with the use of  Themes, Plugins, and Widgets. Today’s tutorial is going to discuss what those things are and how they make your site function to your needs.