PDXChambers Sandbox 2015

PDXChambers Sandbox 2015 WordPress themeDescription:

PDXChambers Sandbox 2015 is a very basic theme that can be used as-is, but is really intended as a starting point for developing a more robust theme. I’ve taken great care to make sure it complies with WordPress best practices. It offers a few features straight out of the box such as a responsive design using the Bootstrap framework. The theme’s colors are very customizable via the Theme Customizer panel in the WordPress dashboard. It also supports a number of theme options such as a custom header image, sticky posts, and more!

How to get:

  1. Clone a copy from https://bitbucket.org/pdxchambers/pdxchambers-sandbox-2015
  2. Download the ZIP file (Recommended)

Installation Instructions:

The easy way using the WordPress Theme installer:

  1. Download the ZIP file using the link above.
  2. Log into the WordPress admin dashboard (wp-admin)
  3. On the right side, select “Appearance” then “Themes”
  4. At the top of the page, click “Add New”
  5. Click “Upload Theme” on the Add Themes page
  6. Click the “Browse” button
  7. Locate and select the ZIP file you downloaded.
  8. Click “Install Now”
  9. The theme will now show up in your list of installed themes, activate it to use it.

The slightly less easy way using FTP:

If you’re hard-core like me and prefer using FTP to upload your themes do the following:

  1. Obtain a copy of the theme using one of the links above.
  2. Log into your FTP client.
  3. Navigate to your WordPress site directory.
  4. Go to the directory “wp-content/themes”
  5. Create a directory in the themes directory called “pdxchambers-sandbox-2015”
  6. If you’ve cloned a copy from BitBucket, upload all files into the directory you just created.
  7. If you downloaded the ZIP file, extract the files before uploading to the directory you just created.
  8. Next go into your WordPress dashboard and find the theme under “Appearance” -> “Themes”, then activate the theme.

Known Issues:

In the Theme Customizer: Setting the color for the navigation menu links sets the same color for the active link. Setting the color for the active link after setting the link colors displays
properly. This behavior doesn’t occur when using the transport method “refresh” instead of “PostMessage”. Since it is a minor irritation and doesn’t impact the functionality of the theme, I’ve decided to fix it in a future release.


11/13/2015 – Initial release


Contributors: pdxchambers
Tags: two-columns, left-sidebar, featured-images, sticky-post
Requires at least: 4.3.1
Tested up to: 4.3.1