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DSICT Version 1.0
Version 1.0 of the Don’t Starve Interactive Crafting tool.

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Uses: AngularJS, jQuery, Bootstrap, SCSS/CSS, and HTML5
Current Version: 1.0
Status: Live

About the DSICT:

The Don’t Starve Interactive Crafting Tool (DSICT) is an interactive tool for the game “Don’t Starve” by Klei Entertainment. To offer a little context, the idea of the game is that your character has to survive a harsh world by crafting items from materials found in the surrounding environment. As if just surviving the various creatures you run across isn’t hard enough, you also have to battle against the elements, keep up your sanity, and (of course) avoid starvation. I’d been playing with my wife and we quickly realized it would be tremendously helpful to have a guide to find a quick answer on crafting items we weren’t quite ready for but knew we would eventually need. Having this knowledge would go a long way in  helping prepare our characters for  a harsh winter or summer.

Thus the concept for the Don’t Starve Interactive Crafting Tool was born.

To use the tool you just click one of the crafting categories along the top (Tools, Light, etc) then select the item you want to craft from the left side. The center area will populate with the recipe for that item and tell you what you need to craft it (i.e. the Science Machine, Alchemy Engine, etc). Additionally, the tool labels character specific items with the name of that character. It’s pretty basic and I’m confident you’ll figure out how it works pretty quickly.

Future Implementation:

  • Will begin optimizing code to make the tool run better on slower workstations
  • Improve interface for mobile devices
  • Will retool the data so it stores recipe information in a MySQL database then pulls the data using JSON and PHP.
  • New content for the Shipwrecked expansion to be added.

Known Issues:

  • FIXED – Alchemy Engine displays the standard recipe and not the Reign of Giants Recipe which replaces the Gold Nuggets with two Electrical Doodads

Change Log:

  • Added Reign of Giants recipe for the Alchemy Engine.
  • Added character specific items.
  • Uploaded live site!
  • Added recipes for Ancient category.
  • Re-tooled the entire interface
  • Began cleaning up the item requirements
  • Tested in latest versions of Firefox, Chrome, and  Microsoft Edge
  • Finished updating item descriptions
  • Updated site usage instructions to more accurately reflect the new interface


  • Completed adding recipes for Structures and Dress categories
  • Changed site logic to simplify interface
  • Discovered missing recipes while testing against in-game crafting list
  • Fixed some broken and/or inaccurate item icons
  • Began adding item descriptions
  • Completed adding recipes for Fight category.
  • Began re-evaluating site logic to cut some redundant code.
  • Completed adding recipes for Survival and Science categories.
  • Completed adding recipes for Tools and Light categories.
  • Began work on styling and aesthetics of page.
  • Began a review of the page logic to improve interactive features and fix some of the known issues.