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Julien Chambers

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If content is king, User Experience (UX) is queen. Next to bad content, nothing will drive users away from your site faster than an unpleasant experience. I don’t consider myself an expert in UX Design, but I have picked up a few tricks along the way and today I’m going to share them with you. I’ll {More…}

Creating new pages in WordPress is as simple as going to the “Pages” menu in the Dashboard and clicking “Add New”, but what do you do if you need something more customized than the standard template allows? Fortunately WordPress makes it relatively simple for developers to create a custom WordPress template to change the default {More…}

The WordPress loop is one of its most powerful features. It provides the “meat” of the blog by pulling in blog entries and displaying them on the page, but what if you want to only pull in posts with a particular category, say, for a “featured” post? You can do that, and I’m going to {More…}

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