Julien Chambers

Front End Developer

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Julien Chambers

Don’t Starve by Klei Entertainment is a crafting/survival game. The player is dropped into an inhospitable world full of various creatures that would like nothing more than to eat you. Your job is to survive by crafting the items you need from the materials you find in the world around you. At this point it sounds just {More…}

The Don’t Starve Interactive Crafting Tool is now live! For more information on the tool check out the official page, and report errata and other issues on my Facebook page. This tool has been the better part of a year in the making and represents many hours of development time and a lot of tweaking and {More…}

I am super excited to announce the Don’t Starve Interactive Crafting tool is almost ready to launch! I spent much time over the last couple of days tweaking the user interface and have come up with a simple, clean interface while still maintaining some of the elements that ties it in with the game. I {More…}